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To know New Jersey is to love it.

New Jersey Strong Inc. is a Non Profit Organization specializing in a hands-on, heartfelt, personal approach to disaster relief in the state of New Jersey. We value quality rehabilitation efforts and meaningful community building experiences for our volunteers. It is the express goal of New Jersey Strong Inc. to act as a reliable source of strength and support to our fellow New Jerseyans in times of emotional, economic, and physical hardship.

We want to pool our resources and make sure they are getting to those with the greatest need as quickly as possible. We will be running fundraisers and getting out into the community to do clean up, outreach and reconstruction directly. We need many hearts and sets of hands to rebuild strong.
In the eight months since Hurricane Sandy hit the Jersey coastline New Jersey Strong Inc. has:
  • Organized 15 community fundraising events like comedy shows, supply drives, and open mic nights to raise a total of almost 17,000 dollars to support families in need.
  •  Collaborated with over 25 local businesses to increase awareness, volunteer involvement, and donations.
  • Delivered truckloads of supplies to those affected including food, clothing, small appliances, and over 150 winter coats.
  • Ran several community building events like Operation Shoebox connecting kindergartners from North and South Jersey and Operation Teddy Bear to reach our Connecticut neighbors during the Sandy Hook tragedy.
  • Coordinated 15 straight New Jersey Strong Warrior Weekends bringing over 500 sets of hands to the hard hit shore towns from November to February. In that time our warriors completely prepared over 100 homes  for reconstruction.
  • Worked with 30+ other small organizations, non-profits and groups of volunteers to coordinate volunteer efforts and relief service projects.
  • Initiated an ongoing rebuilding effort to get those in greatest need back into their homes
As the relief efforts unfold we’re always looking for Warriors to come with us to the shore. We are also looking for people who want to take action in their communities by having fundraisers or community events to bring in support through school, sports, and work. If you have an idea, bring it up and we’ll help get it off the ground together, connect you to the right people and make sure the proceeds go directly to helping those in need.

We count ourselves blessed to have been brought up here and to be surrounded by people who want to make a difference. From an organization not afraid to get it’s hands dirty, it’s time to use our strength and energy to give back!

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 <3 The New Jersey Strong Team

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