Rebuilding is expensive. We need people to set up fundraisers and benefits to raise community awareness and funding for reconstruction. BE A LEADER! If you have any ideas or projects you can start within your community like a bake sale, car wash, benefit concert, food drive etc please send an email to our Director of Fundraising, Alecia Meila at All ideas are welcome and encouraged, no amount of help or encouragement is too small. This is a TEAM EFFORT. We’ll help you coordinate projects, link you to resources and get the proceeds to the right places.

Some ideas we have that need leaders like you!

  1. Organizing a 5k Fundraiser
  2. Setting up a Battle of the Bands Benefit Concert
  3. Developing Rebuilding Teams for the Spring
  4. Holiday Related Events
  5. Beach Volley Ball Tournement

You can also directly donate to NJ Strong through this website!

Upcoming Event