Victims of Superstorm Sandy

“HEY JUST WANTED TO CONTACT ALL THOSE WHO WERE DOWN LBI THIS PAST SATURDAY//NOV 24TH. MY FAMILY HAS A HOUSE ON LBI 23RD AND CENTRAL AVE IN SHIP BOTTOM. SOMEONE KNOCKED ON THE DOOR AND ASKED IF THEY COULD HELP OUT. I BELIEVE THIS WAS YOU, I STILL CANNOT GET OVER THE KINDNESS OF YOUR GROUP, TALK ABOUT PAYING IT FORWARD. FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART I WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER YOUR KINDNESS. YOU CAME INTO MY LIFE WHEN WE NEEDED IT THE MOST., I COULD NEVER REPAY YOU. YOU MAY HAVE BEEN UNKNOWN TO ME AT THE TIME BUT I WILL KEEP YOU IN MY HEART NOW AND ALWAYS.  you have no idea what that was like for me and my family.,You have all restored my belief in paying it forward., without your group i don’t know if my friends would have been able to finish the job., I and my family are better people because of your kindness and i will keep you always in my prayers,,,thank you from the bottom of my heart.” Christine

“The Bebel Family would like to thank all of you for your hard work today helping at my Mom-in-law’s home in Brick. She is very grateful to all! Peace.”
“You were all in our town – Shore Acres- – - -and we were there also! You ROCK! I saw you helped Ralph!!!!”
“Your organization is fantastic! Tks again!”
“Words alone cannot express the gratitude. The overwhelming burden of where to start and how we’d tackle the clean up has been lifted and now we feel like we can get the mold out before it continues to creep up towards the kids rooms.  You are amazing … Spearheading such an effort and organizing volunteers so quickly. My daughter is wearing the scarf , the baby ate the banana bread and we’re ordering some awesome shirts! When we see the light at the end of the tunnel we’ll be ready to help others.”   Annmarie and Terry Deakyne
“Words do not come easy when one’s heart is so full of Awe and Thanksgiving, however, we will try to express that which lies deep within our hearts.  The spontineity of your actions of gentleness, kindness,pouring yourselves out as you entered our home with love giving, not only of your physicality in your hard work as you embraced out treasured home but your heartfelt spirit in your unified act of selflessness!!!! The memory of your mercy will live in our hearts.” Deacon Larry and Marie
Words alone could never express my heartfelt thanks to all the warriors who helped carry, move, demolish and throw out the contents of my quickly growing, moldy home. You are all the true heros of this disaster. I hope in time, I too will be able to pay it forward. Thank you!
Thank you so much for the help today! It meant a lot to our family that you and the volunteers took the time out to be there for us. Amazing work! Cannot thank you enough! Love, The Hannan’s
“It is NINE MONTHS since I last walked on the floors in my home and tonight because of NEW JERSEY STRONG I walked on floors in my home! I can not find words to describe what I’ve just begun to experience because of their love and dedication to humanity. New Jersey Strong is the Energizer Bunny on steroids! Thank you for coming into my life and making it so much better! I love you.”


“Lindsay and Steve, Thank you for organizing this; we were really impress with how efficient everything was going. I was happy that we were able to help 3 families and no wasted time in the day. I was happy that my family was able to help a few owners at the beach that has meant so much to us over the years. Thank You for your time.” Peter Biondi and family from Buffalo NY
“When people talk of getting rid of big government they forget that something needs to stand in it’s place. That is what NJ Strong is. It is neighbors reaching out to neighbors and not waiting for the government to come and help. It is people caring about each other enough to give up one day of their life to serve someone else. People should never have to stand in a disaster zone screaming for help from a government agency when people care for each other. Lindsay and Steve, thank you for the opportunity to be a part of NJ Strong today.” Sue Trimble
“Hey! Everyone should do a winter warrior weekend at least once it was so much fun today. Everyone is so friendly and helpful and it’s amazing how much can be accomplished in just one day. Get on that, sign up and go.” Tess McGuire
I live right on your street and just found out about your organization from the Neighbor News!  You’re doing amazing work!!

The Community

For Leaf Guard Heroes In the Storm Stories:
When others waited for help, New Jersey natives Lindsay and Stephen Donald made a decision to take action in their backyard. The two siblings could have waited for others to step up–the government, established relief organizations, or individuals with far more resources. But the needs of their local community were too urgent. Putting her Masters degree in public health to work, Lindsay (24) registered a non-profit within 7 days, under the name, “NJ Strong”. Since the organization’s inception, they have already : -Recruited 350 volunteers to help rebuild -Cleaned out 51 homes in 15 communities -Distributed 10 car loads of emergency supplies to the areas hit the hardest What inspired me the most about their story? Here are two heroes who owned the solution to a problem. Their action has caught fire and inspired hundreds to volunteer and hundreds more to donate. In addition to the manpower they command, they’ve already raised nearly $3,000 for rebuilding efforts. Well on their way to a $10,000 goal. Couldn’t be more proud of these two local heroes.

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