Where are Donations Going?

Any donations made to New Jersey Strong Inc. are entrusted to the Board of Directors to be distributed in such a way to aid victims of disaster in the State of New Jersey as efficiently as possible. Funded activities include but are not limited to: purchasing of tools and non reusable supplies like gloves, masks and garbage bags, reconstruction and rebuilding equipment, material and specialist services, the purchasing of needed replacement appliances and goods for victims, volunteer development and services, outreach and  and general organizational support. The majority of funds collected by New Jersey Strong will be used to facilitate disaster relief in the state of New Jersey, however the organization retains the ability to support disaster relief services elsewhere as appropriate so long as these efforts do not total more than 10% of the total New Jersey Strong budget.

Hurricane Sandy: For the time being the majority of our funding efforts are being channeled toward Hurricane Sandy relief. The relief efforts for this disaster are going to be long term. As this unfolds we are getting a clearer picture of where help is needed most and who is experiencing the most difficulty. We plan to seek out how we can make direct impacts on families struggles and restoration projects and problems of all sizes. We will be using all donations to address the greatest needs we find.

Some Additional Thoughts:

  1. We rely on manpower. Often times human effort is what is needed most, we are using volunteer time to help disaster victims wherever possible.
  2. We are thrifty. We can assure you we will always look for the best deals, take good care of our equipment and reuse and save wherever we can to reduce costs.
  3. We hold homeowners accountable. We are a small organization and we know we can only do so much. In rebuilding projects we work together with homeowners to make a plan and help them maximize resources they have before purchasing materials and supplies for them.
  4. We do not collect salaries. New Jersey Strong has a dedicated team of 8 multidisciplinary directors that are committed to achieving the organizations mission. None of these staff members are compensated in any way by New Jersey Strong.


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